Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music should never be boring.

Have you ever been bored at a classical music concert? Have you ever wondered why? Perhaps you thought the problem was yourself. Maybe you thought it was because you didn't understand classical music well enough. Or that it just isn’t for you. Or even that you aren't smart enough.

Let me tell you that it's definitely not you. Like that hit book on dating, He's Just Not That Into You, you need to realize that the problem is not Mozart nor your lack of understanding of his music, but rather the delivery – or in other words, the soloist. Too often, performers are absorbed in their own world of playing a difficult instrument or their own pleasure of music-making and rarely do they realize that the ONLY reason they perform is to move another human being; they are there to entertain an audience. An audience that has plunked down hard-earned money and left the comfort of their home to experience everything a live concert can give: joy, beauty, escape, enlightenment and the bond that comes from sharing the experience with others.

This is why we work so hard on stage at Orchestra Nova, and this is why we seek out artists like Lindsay Deutsch. We're trying to reverse the damaging stereotypes and stigma inflicted on classical music, often the result of those who do not know how to have fun. Lindsay is my kind of musician. She rips it up on stage and can make a recital seem like a sporting event. If you haven't seen Lindsay yet, click on this link.
Lindsay's playing a solo recital in San Diego on January 22nd at Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall, the best acoustic venue in San Diego County.

If you’ve never heard her live or if you've only heard her soloing with Orchestra Nova, you’ll want to be at this unique performance. She'll play several showpieces, including a special version for violin and piano of Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. I promise it will be worth it, especially if you’ve been hungering for a classical music experience that doesn't leave you bored or regretful that you wasted your evening – Lindsay couldn’t bore you if she tried.

Jung-Ho Pak
Artistic Director and Conductor

Check out Lindsay's upcoming concert to benefit Orchestra Nova!