Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hip Hop Isn't Too Cool for Classical

It all started when I decided to have flowers delivered to our fantastic graphic designer, Jennifer, for her birthday. I Googled for a nearby flower shop, checked out their web site and gave them a call. A very pleasant voice answered the phone and I placed my order and gave her the message I wanted on the card. I told her I wanted it signed, “Beverly and Jung-Ho.”

There was a pause, then, “Do you, by any chance, mean Jung-Ho Pak?” Surprised, I replied, “Yes, do you know him?” She responded that she and her son (who was playing for the San Diego Youth Symphony at the time) had attended concerts when Jung-Ho was the San Diego Symphony conductor and they absolutely loved going to his concerts.

It so happened that we had a concert that night at Qualcomm Hall, so I invited her and a friend to come as our guests. She enthusiastically accepted and brought her 12-year-old “hip-hop loving” daughter (who certainly didn’t think she liked classical music!) to the concert.

After the concert, we bumped into each other and she and her daughter were beaming. She gushed, “You are responsible for the smile on my daughter’s face. She loved the concert.” And that brought a big smile to my face! I’m hoping to see them both enjoying another “Nova experience” very soon!

Beverly Lambert
Interim Executive Director